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Badnaseeb Drama Cast Real Name

Badnaseeb Drama Cast Real Name & Pics | Badnaseeb is a new drama that is being aired on Hum TV. Hum TV has aired many new and super hit dramas in 2021 which are very much liked by the viewers. These dramas include Bebasi, Bisaat, and Benaam. The main cast of Badnaseeb Drama includes Samina Ahmed, Kamran Jilani, and Dania Anwar.

The story of the drama revolves around Kamran Jilani and his three children. He has a son and two daughters while his wife has passed away. He loves his son very much and takes care of his every need while he does not love his daughters very much and is always angry with them.

Below are the real names and pictures of the full cast of the drama serial Badnaseeb. We hope you like this information.

Badnaseeb Drama Cast Real Name

The main cast of Badnaseeb Drama includes Kamran Jilani, Samina Ahmed, and Dania Anwar while the other cast also includes Agha Talal and Farhan Nadir. The full cast list of the drama is provided below.

Producer :Momina Duraid
Director :Haseeb Ali
Writer : Jahanzeb Qamar

Full Cast :

  • Samina Ahmed
  • Kamran Jilani
  • Dania Anwar
  • Anoushey Rania
  • Khushi Maheen
  • Falak Shahzad
  • Sharmeen Ali
  • Agha Talal
  • Farha Nadir
  • And Others

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Samina Ahmed

Samina Ahmed is playing the role of Kamran Jilani’s mother in the drama serial Badnaseeb. She is a central character. Samina Ahmed is a senior and experienced Pakistani actress who has acted in numerous Pakistani dramas and films. She was born on March 20, 1947, in Lahore.

Samina Ahmed started her career in 1979 with the famous PTV drama Waris. This drama was very popular at that time and even today this drama is considered as one of the best dramas in Pakistan. Samina Ahmed’s other popular dramas include Love, Love, and LoAlif Noon, Family Front, Dhoop Mein Sawan, Do Bol, Suno Chanda 2, Kashf & Shehnai.

Badnaseeb drama cast real name

Kamran Jilani

Kamran Jilani is playing the lead role in the drama serial Badnaseeb. In the drama, his name is Saeed whose wife has died and he has three children one son and two daughters. Saeed marries a young girl, Markh [ Dania Anwar ], for the second time. He loves his son very much and cares for him but does not give much importance to his daughters. Saeed is not a good father to his children in this drama.

Kamran Jilani is one of the best actors and models of Pakistan. He was born on August 5, 1982, in Lahore. Kamran has acted in countless Pakistani dramas, some of which include Anabia, Aysi Hai Tanhai, Dil Haari, Ghayal, Joru Ka Ghulam & Aakhri Saans.

Badnaseeb drama cast name

Dania Anwar

Dania Anwar is a Pakistani actress who has acted in many Pakistani dramas. In the drama serial Badnaseeb, she is playing the role of Markh, the character of Kamran Jilani’s second wife. She will be seen playing the role of a stepmother of three children in the best possible way.

Dania Anwar was born on January 11, 1979, in Karachi. She has worked with many Pakistani stars. Some of Dania Anwar’s famous dramas include Riwaj, Tum Mere Kya Ho, Heer, and Be Chari Nadia.

Badnaseeb drama cast pics

Anoushey Rania

Anoushey Rania is a beautiful and wonderful child actress. In the drama serial Badnaseeb, she is playing the role of Saeed’s [ Kamran Jelani ]eldest daughter. She also has a younger brother and a younger sister. She is unhappy with her father’s behavior because her father loves her brother very much but he is always angry with her.

Rania has previously acted in drama serials ‘Log Kaya Khein Ga’ and ‘Chhallawa’. She was also part of Pakistan’s most popular web series, Dhoop Ki Diwar.

Khushi Maheen

Khushi Mobeen is also a child actress who is playing the role of Saeed’s [ Kamran Jilani ] youngest daughter in the drama serial Badnaseeb who has a brother and a sister. She is a promising and lovely child actress. Earlier, she had played the lead role in the drama serial ‘Beti Hi To Hai’.

Falak Shahzad

Sharmeen Ali

Farha Nadir

Agha Talal

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