How can I get a copy of the magazine cover featuring Frank Sinatra?

Every Friday, the iconic New York magazine “Frank Sinatra” appears in a different media outlet. First it is on the cover of Frank Sinatra, then it’s on a stop sign on Third Avenue, and finally it’s a block-long banner outside the theater where Ol’ Blue Eyes was born.


Welcome to the first Friday of the month! Bryan is here to provide you with the latest in entertainment news and reviews. This week, Bryan will be reviewing “The Meg” and “A Quiet Place”.

The first friday bryan show

On the first Friday of every month, Bryan concert goers can catch him at a live show. His fans line up outside the venue hours before show time for a chance to get tickets.
To get in, concert goers must be at least 16 years old with a valid ID and have cash on hand to buy tickets. There is no online ticketing for the Bryan shows, so it is important for fans to arrive early and snag their seats before they sell out.

The show always starts off with Bryan performing some of his most popular songs like “I Will Always Love You” and “Wanted.” He then transitions into more recent material like “How Do I Live” and “What If.” The concert usually lasts around two hours with plenty of fan interaction between Bryan and the audience.


Looking to rock the night away? Check out our guestlist for first friday! DJ D-Nite will be spinning all night long, so come ready to groove! Our special guests this week include: – Bryan Kearney

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This week, Bryan and I are teaming up to talk about music. Specifically, what music has influenced us over the years and what makes it great. We’ll also be sharing some of our favorite tracks that have helped shape who we are as artists today. Let’s get started!

Growing up, I was always surrounded by music. My parents were both musicians and would often take me to concerts or jam sessions when I was younger. This exposure to a wide variety of music definitely had an impact on my development as an artist.

One of the first albums I ever bought myself was The White Stripes’ Elephant. It was the first rock album I ever heard and it completely changed my outlook on music. It was heavy but catchy at the same time, and it made me want to learn how to play guitar.

Since then, there have been countless songs that have inspired me and given me new perspectives on artistry. Some of my all-time favorites include Radiohead’s OK Computer, Kanye West’s Late Registration, LCD Soundsystem’s LCD Soundsystem, and Justin Timberlake’s Justified Deluxe Edition. Each album represented a unique era in popular culture and taught me something new about myself as an artist.

If you’re looking for some tunes that will help shape your artistic journey too, be sure to check out our playlist below:


Every first Friday of the month, Bryan’s popular barcade is open late with discounted drinks and games. This month’s theme is “Retro 80s.” The bar has dozens of classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and more. There are also a few new games like the Volleyball game and a retro version of air hockey. If you’re not into video games, be sure to check out Bryan’s unique clothing selection. From punk rock t-shirts to 90s grunge outfits, you’re sure to find something to make your weekend fashion statement!



The Bryan Museum of Art is grateful for the generous support of our current sponsors. These companies and individuals have helped make First Friday an event that continues to grow in popularity and significance.

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Who prints the “Frank Sinatra” magazine?

first friday bryan prints the “Frank Sinatra” magazine.

I saw that you are doing a campaign with Frank Sinatra. Can I use your images for my own project?

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I am a student and would like to use the cover image from “Frank Sinatra” magazine. Is that allowed?

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How can I get a copy of the magazine cover featuring Frank Sinatra?

Unfortunately, we do not have a copy of the magazine cover featuring Frank Sinatra that you are looking for. If you would like to learn more about our magazine or order a copy, please visit our website or contact us directly. Thank you for your interest!

Who gets the rights to use the images from First Friday Bryan?

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How first friday bryan Works

1. Get the New York magazine cover: Every Friday, starting on May 5th, go to to get a digital copy of the cover of New York magazine, featuring Bryan Cranston.
2. Frame it and hang it in your home: Frame the magazine cover and hang it in your home to commemorate the release of Frank Sinatra every Friday.
3. Tweet about it: Follow @firstfridaybryan and post about how excited you are for #FirstFridayBryan each and every Friday!

Pros of first friday bryan

• First Friday art scene is growing more and more popular each year

• First Friday has a unique atmosphere that sets it apart from other art events

• First Friday is a great opportunity to explore new galleries and artists

• First Friday is a great opportunity to meet new people

• First Friday attracts a wide variety of people, which provides opportunities for cultural exchange